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I present to you..the world's best airport!! I went to pick up my girlfriend from the airport yesterday and I was visit the airport 😛 This Changi Airport is the best in the world for 6 years now, so here is every unique thing it has that makes this place #1 in my opinion! INSTAGRAM: @nasdailyGROUP: Nas Daily GlobalP.S This video is not sponsored and it's one I've been meaning to make for a year, but I finally got the access to all terminals in one day! Thank you Changi!!!

Posted by Nas Daily on Sunday, August 26, 2018

Whether most people realize it or not, airports are really a deal breaker especially if you have long layovers. The facilities, food available, comfort factor (and a number of USB ports) will make your layovers either the most pleasant or most horrible. When we first set foot at this airport, we were mind-blown. It’s no wonder this airport has won the Skytrax 2019 World Airport Awards 10 times and Top Worldwide Airport 17 times!

Singapore’s Changi International Airport is not just an aviation hub — it’s literally a world-class destination. Equipped with top-notch amenities, spacious terminals, and mouthwatering dining options, Changi Airport will leave you feeling right at home. In fact, even the locals visit the airport often to shop, eat and hang out.

If you’re wondering what are some of the best things to do at Singapore’s Changi Airport, this list will set your priorities straight. Plus if you’re wondering, all the terminals are easy to get to — just a Skytrain ride away.

1. Explore Jewel, the mall with a waterfall — Terminal 1

Singapore takes the definitions of malls to an epic level and this one is situated right in the epicentre of Singapore’s Changi Airport. In fact, you can directly access it from Terminal 1 and follow the link bridges if you’re coming from the other terminals. This is Changi Airport’s prized possession — Jewel.

Here, you can shop to your heart’s content, watch a 3D movie at the IMAX theatres, bounce on suspended skynets and choose from hundreds of eateries to satisfy your cravings before your flight out. This 10-storey lifestyle hub might take you an entire day — or a lot more — to cover but it’s well worth exploring. We were too awestruck by the waterfall so we spent a fair bit of time just admiring it and it was rather therapeutic.

2. Dine at hundreds of restaurants — All Terminals

As per Singapore’s culture, quality food is an important aspect. Throughout Changi Airport’s four terminals, you can find a dizzying array of food options from gourmet picks to easy-breezy fast food. We were excited to indulge in sushi, which was super delicious and fresh.

We also passed by premium food halls that were calling out to us — International Food Hall, Japan Gourmet Hall Sora and Singapore Food Street. You can probably find any cuisine that you fancy within Changi Airport. In fact, you might have a headache from trying to choose one because we were really spoilt for choice.

3. Dip in the rooftop swimming pool — Terminal 1

Singapore Changi Airport

This is probably the only airport in the world with a rooftop swimming pool overlooking the tarmac. We were so stoked to discover this hidden gem at Terminal 1’s Aerotel Transit Hotel. The open-air pool facilities open from 6am to 12am. You can either squeeze in a nice workout or relax at the Jacuzzi.

For S$17, we took advantage of the pool and showers for three solid hours. We also benefited from a super cool vantage point where we could see the planes take off. Waiting for flights won’t be boring anymore (cue our happy faces) with the list of things to do at Singapore’s Changi Airport.

Where to stay: Terminal 1 Aerotel Transit Hotel
Address: Changi Airport Terminal 1

Located in Terminals 2 and 3, these 24-hour movie theatres screen new and recently-released films. We were impressed because this was like a full-blown cinema that was showing some of the latest box office seats. With plush seats, screenings all day long and the fact that it’s completely free, the movie theatres got us so excited. Time will really whizz by and after a few movies, you might be on your way to your boarding gate already.

4. Catch a free movie — Terminal 2 & 3

5. Embrace fun at this five-storey playground — Terminal 4

Singapore Changi Airport, slide Terminal 4

We never knew how an airport could possibly unleash the inner kid in us but Changi Airport never fails to disappoint. This airport is literally a playground for everyone — adults and kids alike — and a gigantic five-storey slide reiterated that. The playground, dubbed as the Chandelier, is located at the lower level of the departure lounge at Terminal 4.

You won’t miss it, trust us, because it’s bright crimson red. This playground also doubles at the airport’s largest art installation. Before you whisk yourself to the plane, you can whizz down these slides and have a whopping good time.

6. Visit the gorgeous butterfly garden — Terminal 3

In another airport first, Changi Airport also houses the world’s first Butterfly Garden in an airport. Located at Terminal 3’s transit area, the garden was designed to replicate a tropical butterfly habitat. The highlight is a two-storey grotto waterfall! 

We were amazed at the variety of free-roaming butterflies that were fluttering all around — there were over a 1,000! Stepping into this garden really made us feel like we were at the botanical gardens. That’s how a visit to Changi Airport will change your perception of airports forever. The possibilities of things to do at Singapore’s Changi Airport will leave you pleasantly surprised.

7. Relax in the Orchid Garden — Terminal 3

Orchid Garden, Singapore Changi Airport

We’re not sure about you, but certain airports that we’ve visited made us feel trapped. There wasn’t much to do, we felt restricted and space constraints were just unsettling. But Changi Airport is a paradigm shift from any of that. The greenery, natural light and seasonal orchid blooms made us feel like the airport should be an open space for travellers to roam freely.

The numerous themed gardens scattered around the different terminals also propagate Singapore’s treasured garden city image. Close to the Butterfly Garden, we chanced upon this koi pond and an Orchid Garden housing Changi Airport’s very own Dendrobium Changi Airport. This airport even has an orchid named after it to boot, it seems like the possibilities are endless here.

8. Witness Singapore’s Peranakan heritage — Terminal 4

Singapore’s Changi Airport takes it one notch higher with regards to showcasing the country’s diverse culture. When we visited Terminal 4, the facade of shophouses reflecting Peranakan vibes caught our attention. Upon close inspection, we realised that this statement wall doubles as a digital theatrical performance. 

The lounge area is equally cosy with plush furnishings and power plugs for electronic devices. This wall is definitely a novel addition. We personally feel that it is an enlightening touch for travellers to learn more about Singapore’s melting pot of cultures.

This airport is truly amazing for a multitude of reasons and we think that it’s because travellers are provided with an unforgettable end-to-end travel experience. With the vast range of things to do at Singapore’s Changi Airport, you will never be bored. There is something for everyone — five-storey playgrounds, an epic mall, glorious food choices, green oases and an outdoor rooftop pool. The airport is a destination in itself, before you set foot on the real one.

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