It’s the question on everybody’s mind. Will Donald Trump be President again in 2024?

The one thing we know for sure is that people in America are ready to have him back!

On October 10th, 2021, Trump hosted a huge rally in the state of Iowa and people attended in the thousands. During the rally, he teased the idea of running again in 2024 and the crowd went nuts.

Actually, he’s been doing this for quite some time now. While he hasn’t publicly announced anything, he’s been sending strong hints. One of them being, “We’re going to take America back!” He definitely has 2024 on his mind.

But didn’t Trump just lose to Biden last year?
Why would anybody vote for him again?
Especially since Trump left the country in possibly the worst place ever during his time as President.
Well, to understand this, we have to go back in time to 2016, when he first became President.

How did Trump Win the 2016 Elections?

Trump is a reality TV star,  a real-estate mogul, a WWE hall of Famer, a businessman but one thing he’s not is a politician.
People know him more for yelling “you’re fired” on the TV show The Apprentice than for giving speeches at the Congress.
And that’s exactly why people love him. He stands out, he’s different, and he knows how to talk to people.
You can go to any Trump rally, no matter how old you are,  or what you think about his ideas, you can understand every single word he says.
No “legislation” or “employment”, Trump says “jobs”.
No “economy” or “budget deficit”, Trump says “money”
You can be 5 years old and understand him.
According to communication experts like Sarah Neville that’s where his brilliance lies : he makes everything simple. Sometimes too simple.
Another thing people love about Trump are his rallies. They had grand entrances and energetic music, just like a concert! It’s the same kind of energy you’d find at places like Coachella and Tomorrowland.
People would come with an amazing memory from an unforgettable experience. They knew then and there, who they wanted as their next President.
This was the celebrity effect in action. But what is it? And why are we so hypnotized by it?

The Celebrity effect

Everyone knows about the effect celebrities have on the audience, whether it’s on camera or off.
In fact, psychologist Daniel Kruger, from the University of Michigan, says that this celebrity obsession is created on purpose.
It’s a great marketing stunt to help build a personal connection with the audience. And in the future, it can be used to sell movies, products and even votes!
But how does it really work?
Celebrities use careful words and body language to establish and build trust with the audience. Everything they do is curated to make them look extremely likable.
Then, since we see their faces everywhere, they start to become familiar and start to trust them!
This is why celebrities are used to endorse products. People are inclined to trust a recommendation or endorsement from someone they’re familiar with.
And now, more and more celebrities are starting to use these skills to move from endorsing products and to getting votes!
Let’s look at some other celebrities who’ve used this power to get into office!

The other Celebrity Presidents

Yes! There were other Presidents who also came from the world of entertainment. And it’s not just in the US but in other countries too. Why?
Why are celebrities even entering politics?
Well, actually, getting into politics is the exact right move for them. At least that’s what David James Jackson, political science professor at Bowling Green State University says.
These people spent their whole lives in front of a camera, and have an opinion on multiple issues. Plus, they have a strong fanbase.
But that’s not all. Politicians these days don’t really have the best public image.
There’s just way too many examples of politicians who’ve been charged with corruption or failed to live up to their promise. As a result, many politicians just look evil to the general public.
Here’s a list of some of the celebrities who ran for various roles in politics over the years. Let’s see how well they did on the job.

Ronald Reagan

Before Ronald Reagan became President, he was a movie star.
His time in show business really came in handy when he was in the White House.
You see, Reagan’s Presidency was super complicated. He became President during a time when the country hated politicians because of Watergate and Vietnam, but he was able to win back that romantic connection with the President of a country.
That’s largely because of his movie star charisma. He won a lot of hearts, especially during his speeches.
It was so fascinating to watch him that film director Matt Tyrnauer, explores this idea in his four part documentary on the Reagan family.
It’s also the reason why he won a second term in office.
But his charm wasn’t able to win everybody’s hearts.
There were many critics who hated his policies.
Because it hurted minority communities and poor people a lot.
He also ended up increasing the unemployment rate in the country and his fiscal policies ended up tripling the country’s debt and killed 750 financial institutions.
So, like Trump, this is another example of a President who got by two terms on charm. Towards the end of his term, he cracked a joke on how someone could do this job if they weren’t an actor.

Volodymyr Zelenskiy

Even comedians were trying to get into politics. Like this guy, Volodymyr Zelenskiy.
He’s a comedian and an actor who became President of Ukraine in 2019.
Just like Trump, Zelenskiy won because he brought something different to the table. Instead of hosting a normal rally, he held standup gigs and cracked jokes about his competition.
Plus, he had great timing.
The people of Ukraine were fed up with the current batch of corrupt politicians. A comedian entering the race was like a breath of fresh air for them.
But after winning, Zelenskiy’s been having a tough time getting things in order. His proposals kept getting rejected, the GDP of the country hasn’t been going up, and to top it all off, he’s now being connected with a corruption scandal involving Donald Trump.
Zelenskiy wasn’t the first comedian to get into politics. Check out our video with Jon.

Joseph Estrada

Joseph Ejercito Estrada time in politics is film worthy. And who knows, they might just ask him to play him.
Before entering politics, he was a film star.
He served as the Mayor, Vice President and President in the Philippines. But despite the impressive resume, the country suffered a lot of problems because of him.
When he was President of the country, he was using tax-payer money for gambling and was charged with bribery and corruption.
When the Manila Archbishop asked him to step down, he refused, and the country had to go through a trial to kick him out.

How Trump will win in 2024?

You’re all probably wondering now if Trump can win again using his celebrity charm?
He left a great impression to a lot of people the last time he was in office. It’s evident because nobody else in the Republican party has announced their plan to run and they’re not going to, until Trump says something, officially.
According to a recent poll by CNN, 51% of Republicans believe they’d have a better chance of winning in 2024 if Trump was running.
Plus, Biden hasn’t been doing a great job since he took over. One of his key promises was to bring the country back to normal from the pandemic by 2022.
But right now, cases are still rising and many people are refusing to get vaccinated.
During his campaign, he also promised to welcome more migrants into the country. But the world got to see the real picture of that welcome party when thousands of Haitians were stuck at the Texas-Mexico border and refused entry.
And the pull-out of the US military from Afghanistan just made matters worse for him.
For Trump, these will be all the talking points for his 2024 campaign.

And by the way, he’s not the only celebrity planning to run for politics this time.

Oscar winner Mathew McConaughey wants to run for Governor of Texas in 2022 and if things go according to plan, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson might actually run for President in 2024.

Only time will tell how this will all pan out.

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