What makes the best teachers so different from the rest?
You’ve surely had a favorite teacher in school, who made you love the subject they taught. They’re super encouraging, fun, and friendly. And they even make you look forward to sitting in their classes.
But the thing is, not every teacher is like that. And even if they were, so many students wouldn’t even get to meet them, because over 258 million kids don’t have access to proper schools or education.
And these are the two problems the following teachers are fixing.
Let’s meet 5 of the best teachers from every corner of the world who’re changing the lives of thousands of students everywhere:

1. The Craziest Teacher

If you’re in this guy’s classroom – you’re gonna be singing, dancing, and going on slides!
Meet Ron Clark – the best teacher in the USA.
Back in the day when Ron was working as a teacher in a low wealth area, he realized that all the kids hated school. The kids told him that they found their classes, teachers, and textbooks extremely boring.
So Ron decided to change things up. He started singing songs, playing music, and even told kids to stand on their tables and dance! This completely changed the way students looked at school – and Ron saw that somehow they had started enjoying their classes.
That’s when Ron thought that if he could do it for one class – he could do it for an entire school too. So he set out to build a school that had houses like Harry Potter and dragons like Game of Thrones! And he called it the Ron Clark Academy.
But don’t get him wrong – the students still have to study, still have to do homework and still have to give exams, but everything is just a lot more fun!
Teachers like Ron are the best kind of teachers, who go out of their way to make their students’ lives easier!

2. The Biggest Teacher

David is a computer science professor at the biggest university in the world – Harvard. He’s taught hundreds of students throughout his years.

But one day, he felt that wasn’t enough, he didn’t just want to teach the geniuses. He knew that there were so many students in the world who needed his help. So he decided to film his classes, recruit a team and build a website. And then, he started posting all his videos online.

And the response was insane! 1 million students from all over the world enrolled in his class – which would make it the biggest class ever. And he did it all – for free!

He changed the lives of so many students who could never have afforded an ivy league education, and that’s what makes him one of the best teachers out there!

3. The History Teacher who Loves Music

Meet Mr T. He’s a history teacher by day and a music teacher by midday!

Mr. T was always passionate about music and that’s why he wanted to share it with his students. Even though he’s only paid to be a history teacher, he spent his own money to buy Guitars, Ukuleles and Flutes so that his students could learn and play music.

He puts in extra time so that kids can learn music without missing out on their other lessons. He wakes up early and sleeps late – but he doesn’t mind. All because he’s so passionate about being a teacher and changing the lives of every single student!

4. The Teacher who Drew a Computer

This guy taught computers to children without using a computer!

How? Meet Richard, the guy who drew Microsoft Word on a black Board. That’s right, he drew every single button and even the mouse on the black board.

You see Richard grew up in a very poor part of Ghana. He had never seen a computer in his life. And when he did see in his college, he knew that it was the future. So he wanted to come back home and teach all the kids in his hometown, how to use it.

But because they couldn’t really afford a computer he had to draw the whole thing on the blackboard. He did this so that his students would be prepared for the real world, and prepared for a time when they have to use a computer!

After many years of doing this, Microsoft discovered Richard and his school. They were so impressed that they gave him 27 laptops, 27 tables and chairs and even a projector and a printer!

Thanks to Richard, the kids in Ghana can learn computers from a screen instead of a blackboard!

5. America’s Best Zoom Teacher

This guy built 1,000 desks.

But he’s not a carpenter or a lumberjack – he is actually a high school teacher!

Meet Nate Evans. Nate teaches the 7th Grade, but because of the pandemic, he had to teach all his classes on Zoom. And that’s when Nate noticed something weird. He didn’t see kids on desks instead he saw them taking notes on the floor, the bed, or the kitchen table!

They seemed distracted and uncomfortable. So Nate decided to make desks for them. He spent hours and hours making desks for his students. He didn’t stop when he got tired, he didn’t stop when he was diagnosed with a tumor in his arm. That’s how he’s made over 1,427 desks so far!

Nate did this because he strongly believes that when a student has their own dedicated space to study, they’ll feel comfortable and focus better. That’s why he gave every student exactly that!

These teachers know that teaching is much much more than just a job. They have the power to transform the lives of their students, just by putting in some (actually a lot) of extra effort so that no kid is left behind!

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