Dubbed the happiest country in the world, Denmark is also one of the most beautiful. With its quiet beaches, dense forests, picturesque castles and stunning museums –  it literally has something for everyone.

While it can be expensive, there’s a lot to explore in Denmark while on a budget. And with this travel guide to Denmark, we’re going help you do just that!

So buckle up, because we’re going to one of the most interesting countries you’ll ever see…

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What are the best places to visit in Denmark?

Denmark is incredibly diverse in terms of terrain. It’s insane how quickly you can move from a forest to a beach in no time. But one of the most popular and well-connected place here is Copenhagen. And here are some of the best spots you should visit here:

1. Go to an old-timey castle

No travel guide to Denmark would be complete without castle recommendations! Denmark is one of the oldest monarchies in the world – so you’re going to see castles and palaces peppered throughout the country. One of the most beautiful of those is the Christiansborg Castle. Christiansborg castle is within Copenhagen, and it was where the Royal Family actually used to live until they moved a few years back. However, they still use it to host host royal dinners and parties. The sheer size and opulence of this palace will take you inside a Disney movie that you’ll never want to get out of!

Opening Hours: 10AM – 5PM (Closed on Monday)

Tickets: $21 for Adults (160 Danish Krone) and free for anyone under 18. You can buy them here.
Pro tip – You can also visit this place absolutely for free if you have a valid Copenhagen Card.
castle in denmark

2. Visit the place that inspired Disneyworld and the Little Mermaid

In the center of Copenhagen, this place captures the old-world charm of Denmark. And it’s called the Tivoli Gardens. Beautiful architecture. Stunning plants. And insane rides. It’s so beautiful that Walt Disney and Hans Christian Anderson (author of the Little Mermaid and so many other magical fairytales) visited this place often and took inspiration from it! The best part is, it’s got something for every age group, and that’s why we had to include it in this handy travel guide to Denmark!

Opening Hours: 11AM – 10PM on all 7 days of the week

Garden visit: $19 (145 Danish Krone)
Rides Experience: $33 (245 Danish Krone) You can buy them here.
Pro tip – Like most places in Copenhagen you can also visit this one absolutely for free if you have a valid Copenhagen Card.
tivoli gardens denmark guide

3. Go see some LEGO

If you didn’t know let us tell you: LEGO was invented in Denmark. And they’ve REALLY embraced it. You’re gonna see Lego museums, Lego houses and even a lego amusement parks all over the country.

Lego House

If LEGO was your childhood (like it was ours), you have to visit this place. This place has got huge structures like dinosaurs and a 16-metre tall tree made completely out of LEGO. Even the building is designed to look like 21 LEGO bricks balancing on top of each other!

Opening hours: Check this calendar before you go. The Experience Zones are open from 10AM-4PM and other areas are open up to 5PM.

Tickets: $33 (249 Danish Krone) for a day pass
Pro Tip: Buy the tickets online they’re always cheaper than at the entrance.
legoland denmark


This travel guide to Denmark cannot be complete without a mention of Legoland in Denmark. It’s a world-famous LEGO theme park and resort and has so many versions across the globe. Legoland has got all the excitement of a theme park with it’s rollercoasters and crazy rides, but that’s not all it has. It’s got a fascinating miniature world inside it called Miniland. A recreation of Denmark made entirely of – you guessed it – LEGO.

Opening Hours: Fri, Sat and Sun from 10AM-7PM

Tickets: $44 for a day pass (329 Danish Krone)
Pro Tip: Buy the tickets online they’re always cheaper than at the entrance.

4. Go to a Beer Spa

Once you’re done with all the adventurous stuff – you’re probably going to need a rest. And when you’re in Denmark, you’ve got to relax the Danish way.

In the beer district of Carlsberg you’ll find Aire Ancient Baths – A beautiful spa located inside an old beer factory. So of course we had to include it in this travel guide to Denmark. This spa is located in an old Carlsberg factory and has a unique service – Beer Baths. You get a 30-minute soak in beer and even get a specialized beer and appetizer tasting – talk about being drunk with joy (except here you’re actually getting drunk!)

Opening hours: 7 days a week, 9AM – 10PM

Price: Beer Baths are expensive, but it IS a once in a lifetime experience (although you could always fill up your bathtub with beer too) so it costs about $234 per person (1,742 Danish Krone)
aire ancient baths carlsberg

What’s the Best Place for Food in Copenhagen?

Denmark is known for its open-faced sandwiches called smørrebrød. This “sandwich” is more like a pizza but also not really. It’s rye bread topped with different kinds of meats, fish and cheese, and it’s been a signature dish in Denmark for hundreds of years.

Here’s a list of some of the best Danish restaurants, at different budgets, whether it’s with smørrebrød or without!


John’s Hotdog Deli

This is one of the most popular hotdog stands in all of Copenhagen. It’s located smack in the middle of the city very close to the train station and serves delicious hot dogs starting from just $3!

Opening Hours: 11AM – 9:30PM (Open all week except Sunday)

Location: Bernstorffsgade 18, 1577 København, Denmark
dining out in denmark


It’s a yummy vegan/vegetarian restaurant that organic vegeterian food in HUGE portions. You can get 2 hot dishes plus several salads in less than $13. You’re expected to collect your food yourself and clear your table once you’re done – it’s just a respectful way to show your appreciation for the food you’ve eaten.

Opening Hours: 12PM – 9PM (Open all week except Monday)

Location: Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen
Freetown Christiania



If you’re feeling a little (okay maybe a lot) more spendy, we’ve got just what you need in this travel guide to Denmark! This country has some of the most incredible restaurants and one of them is Geranium. It is officially the world’s best restaurant thanks to its incredible food and out-of-this-world setting. The restaurant doesn’t serve meat but serves incredible seafood and vegetarian dishes.

Opening hours: 6:30PM – 12AM (Open all week except Sunday, Monday and Tuesday)

Location: Per Henrik Lings Allé 4, 8. Sal, 2100 København, Denmark
restaurant travel guide to denmark


Ark is a Michelin-starred restaurant located in the heart of Copenhagen. It is completely plant-based and has people raving about its incredible staff and their amazing service. If you’re looking for delicious vegetarian food with service to boot, this is the place for you.

Opening Hours: 5PM – 11PM (All days except Fri and Sat when it’s open until 12AM and Sun and Mon when it is closed)

Location: Nørre Farimagsgade 63, 1364 København, Denmark
restaurant travel guide to copenhagen

Where can you stay in Denmark?

The truth is, Denmark is expensive. It’s because the country as a whole has a high standard of living, so everything is held to that high standard. Restaurants are hygienic, streets are trash-free and hotels are CLEAN. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered and have included some of the more reasonably priced hotels in this travel guide to Denmark:


CitizenM Hotel

A cozy 4-star hotel with quirky interiors – the citizenM is a great choice for those on a budget who want to stay in the city center. If you want to experience luxury that doesn’t cost as much as it usually does, this is the place to be. You can book your stay here.

Cost per night: $150

Location: H. C. Andersens Blvd. 12, 1553 København, Denmark
where to stay in denmark

Motel 1 Copenhagen

Another stylish, quirky and ultra-clean hotel that’s located in the center of Copenhagen. It’s got spacious rooms and is just a 10-minute walk from the central train station. You can book your stay here.

Cost per night: $146

Location: Løngangstræde 27, 1468 København, Denmark
But if you don’t want to spend much money on a hotel room, since you won’t be spending much time in it anyway, you can always go for a hostel. Denmark has some of the nicest hostels in the world.


Next House Copenhagen

“Luxury” and “hostel” aren’t two words that are often used together. But Next House in Copenhagen challenges all of that. And honestly with the private restaurant, bar and garden, we aren’t surprised at all. No wonder it’s one of the most popular places to stay in Denmark.

You can book a room here.

Cost per night: $42 (Yes seriously!)

Location: Bernstorffsgade 27, 1577 København, Denmark
hostels in denmark

Urban House Copenhagen

If you aren’t a luxurious kinda person, (which is very likely if you’re reading a Nas Daily travel guide to Denmark) and just want a bed to sleep on, head to Urban House. Once again, we’ve found you a place that smack in the middle of the city. The clean, sparsely furnished rooms have a charm of their own.

Cost per night: $42

Location: Colbjørnsensgade 5-11, 1652 København, Denmark

Pro-tip: It’s always best to book your hostel WELL in advance because they fill up pretty quickly. If you’re looking for the easiest and most reliable way to get a good hostel, we’ll always suggest Hostelworld. It’s quite easy to use and has actual, honest reviews from fellow travelers.

Best Ways to Move Around in Denmark

Take the bus or the train

Denmark is super well connected by the train. You can go to almost any part of the city thanks to the huge network of the metro and the bus. As for tickets – you can buy them in cash or if It’s a hassle – just get the Copenhagen Card. It costs between $53-$133, depending on how many days/hours you need it for. Or you can even get the City pass for between $10-$40 for free transport around Denmark. It’s a cheaper option and we highly recommend it if you’re just staying for a few days.
copenhagen train station

Take the Harbor Bus

This travel guide to Denmark can’t be complete without a trip in the water. The Harbour Bus connects the North of Denmark to the South. And it’s a great way to see picturesque Denmark the non-traditional way. With 9 stops all around Copenhagen it’s no surprise it’s a preferred mode of transport for a lot of tourists.

Take a Bike or an Electric Scooter

Copenhagen loves its bikes. That’s why you’re gonna see bike lanes all across the city. In fact they love it so much that they’ve got a bike project called Bycyklen that is basically a network of electric bikes all over the city that you can rent.

It’s also pretty easy to rent a bike from any Local Bike Shop like Donkey Republic for a few hours or a few days and can easily be book through the app. (Google Play Store and Apple Play Store)

cycling guide to denmark

Take a boat or a ferry

As you’d expect from a country that’s made out of so many islands, Denmark takes its water travel seriously. There are a series of boats and ferries connecting the entire country by water. But the ferries aren’t just within Denmark, but also connect to neighboring countries like Norway.

So if you’re bored of the Danish hospitality go to nearby Oslo to experience some of theirs!

How to get to Denmark

A lot of carriers have got frequent flights to and from Denmark.
flights to denmark


As the biggest airline in the world – we wouldn’t be surprised if Emirates has the most regular flights to Copenhagen. It’s a pretty popular airline so it shouldn’t be a problem to get one from your country.

Turkish Airlines

Another one of our favorite airlines in this travel guide to Denmark. It’s well connected and well priced.

KLM Airlines

If you’re traveling from a European country, you’ll probably easily get flight options from this Dutch carrier. We’ve linked their website here so you can check it out!

What to carry to Denmark

  1. Power bank – Charging stations aren’t that prevalent so you might as well carry your own power bank.
  1. Universal Adaptor – Depending on where you come from, this could be a life-saving tool. None of our outlets in Dubai look like Danish ones. So we’re gonna be packing a bunch of these.
  1. An umbrella – Denmark has famously bad weather, and it rains almost constantly throughout summer. So be ready with an umbrella at all times.
  1. Waterproof jacket / raincoat for women or men – When you’re packing that umbrella pack a raincoat too!
  1. Casual clothes – This country is a very chill travel destination, so don’t feel pressured to dress up here. The Danes are the opposite of flashy, and if you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb, you should be too!
  1. A light jacket or a cardigan – Summers in Denmark are quite pleasant but nights can get a little chilly. Always best to carry a jacket just in case
  1. Cushioned socks – You’re gonna be walking and standing a lot so get some reliable pairs of socks that can withstand that!

Travel guide to Denmark: How to get a visa

Denmark isn’t an easy country to get into unless you’re in a not-so-long list of visa-free countries. To see if you need a visa, you can check out the Danish Immigration website here. You can apply for your visa upto 6 months before your travel, and it takes about 15 days to be ready.

If you’re from one of the countries that don’t have a visa-free entry into Denmark – one of the most efficient companies that can help you out is VFS Global. They’re literally everywhere and know what they’re doing in terms of visas.

Bonus: Books to read about Denmark

Lonely Planet Denmark

Copenhagen is one of Europe’s most exciting cities. But beyond the capital, Denmark has so much more to offer as well. Legoland, hot springs, peace and tranquillity in nature. Get the Lonely Planet Denmark for a unique travel experience.

The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living

Danish people are among the happiest in the world. Why is that? What is their secret? And what can we learn from the Danes? This books explores the secrets to their happiness.

Denmark is a truly incredible country with some of the kindest people, picturesque destinations and incredible experiences, and it’s totally worth that visit!

That’s all from us. Hope this article was useful and made it slightly easier for you to plan your next trip to Denmark. Or even brought back a few memories if you’ve already visited!

See you there!

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