If you’re scrolling through your social media feed, there is a high possibility you’ll chance upon this term: content creator. They are everywhere today, whether self-proclaimed or not, with each specialising in a particular field whether it’s fashion, travel or lifestyle content. More often than not, these content creators dabble between different types of content. However, there is one type of content that has revolutionised how the world works: videos. The recording of moving visual images has altered perceptions, influenced the masses and impacted global change.

In the world of videos, there are several stages namely the shooting, editing and publishing phase but there is one phase that is often neglected: video scripting. Videos are only powerful if they are capable of implicating change through messages that resonate with the audience. Hence, a spontaneous Vlog or cinematic travel video might not have as big of an impact as opposed to a scripted video with an underlying purpose.

The birth of The Nas Academy

There is an obvious disparity between courses that teach video editing and shooting versus the art of storytelling. Many courses delve deep into the technical aspects of video creation from the softwares involved, equipment used and editing techniques. But there are not many courses that seem to emphasize the importance of a good script and the essentials behind an effective script — hence the birth of The Nas Academy!

We were very excited to launch this in Singapore because we felt empowered to educate and mentor aspiring content creators to make videos for a world that we want to live in. The Nas Academy was born to tackle the glaring gap in good storytelling.

Through a series of close-knit, intimate classes spanning four weeks, The Nas Academy hopes to impart students with an eye for good videos by showing them the ropes of the entire process (along with some tricks and tips). Of course, we’re not going to dish out the secrets in this article. But we figured it would be wise to establish why video scripting is so crucial — trust us, it can literally make or break your video.

The art of video scripting

In essence, video scripting allows you to be in control of your story before you even switch on the camera. You have the power to establish the purpose and process behind your upcoming video. In every story-driven video, there has to be a script that narrates the flow of the video succinctly. The point of video scripting is to ensure that your video is not just a summative product of random clips you shot. Video scripting also introduces a certain order and structure to the video which will allow viewers to identify problems, solutions and the relevant key takeaways of each video.

Based on our own personal experiences, videos that do not have a script tend to perform weaker as viewers are not as engaged in the content. Some might be distracted because the video generically covers topics, while others might not be hooked because of boring introductions.

The Nas Academy

Video scripting is an art because it takes some “un-learning of English”. The point is to keep sentences concise and easy to understand so that it can be understood by a vast majority (English is not everyone’s native language). Yet, the script must be compelling enough to capture the attention of viewers. Hence, the overall message of the video must be purposeful enough for people to invest a few minutes of their life into it. 

The purpose of The Nas Academy is not only to teach the art of scripting, but also to reinforce the benefits of good storytelling. These days, there are a billion videos out there and everyone is trying to compete for the same limelight and attention. So what makes one video stand out from another? Besides the novelty, the quality of edits and the content, the message is a key determinant of a video’s success.

What's a good script like?

From our first few sessions of The Nas Academy, we found out that not many realised the power of simplicity when scripting. We tend to think of big words, long sentences and we sometimes get caught up with all the data and numbers that we forget the main point of the video. Some test scripts also lacked coherence because a number of ideas were presented all at once. There was only one thing that we reinforced throughout the sessions: simplicity. 

To reach a global audience, we figured that the content and message of the video has to be understood by people from a wide age group, people who may not necessarily speak English as their first language (i.e a 15-year-old boy in Colombia) and people who may not be well-versed in global affairs. With strategic writing that focuses on key phrases that are short and sweet, you’re one step closer to a good script. 

Why The Nas Academy?

The Nas Academy

There are many content creators today but not everyone is great at storytelling — and that’s fine. Some prefer to just focus on the visual aspects of their videos. But we felt empowered by how scripted videos can evoke so much meaning and how it can influence the masses.

We wanted to share the knowledge we’ve acquired from years of travelling and making videos to aspiring creators that want to learn and expand their skill set. We believe in the power of education and we know how rewarding it’ll be to see many more creators believing in the same vision behind videos.

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  • I would like to do videos of my custom cakes,
    From baking to decorating , because for me ,
    The most important part is make people smile Especially in this hard times we all need a smile on our face and the sweetness in are heart

    I am so happy that you guys are making this clases
    I will definitely take them !

  • Gerry Nathan says:

    i was a Tour Guide in Indonesia, and i found that this blog is right that the content and message has to be understood by wide group. And now i know how script-writing is a crucial thing to do a storytelling and making a videos.

    #upgradeself #MoveOn

  • Gerry Nathan says:

    i’m sorry, i mean … i found that in our lives; we must making a content that eficiently understood by others. that’s the key of the succesful storytelling

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