What are the most unique hotels you’ve stayed in?

You’ll see fancy hotels all over the world – if you’ve got the money, you can stay on top of a mountain, the edge of a cliff, or even on the water.

You can stay in the most luxurious rooms and meet the nicest people.

But the thing with the Marriots, and the Hiltons is that they’re all just the same. You can stay at a Marriott in any part of the world and it’ll look and smell exactly like the one back home!

So what’s the point of traveling, if you still feel at home?

That’s why today, we’ve come up with a list of the 7 most unique hotels, that are so different from the ones you’re used to – that you’ll surely have the best stories to tell when you’re back from that holiday:

1. The Invisible Hotel

This hotel is surrounded by tall trees, colorful birds, and amazing nature. But that’s all you’ll see when you reach this hotel because it’s completely invisible!

You see the architects of this hotel wanted to build something that would blend in with the forest without cutting down any trees. So they ended up making a treehouse…

But this is no ordinary treehouse.

It weighs 600 tonnes.

It creates zero waste.

and it’s made entirely of mirrors – which is what makes it completely invisible!

The mirrors reflect the entire forest making it impossible to see the hotel. Because of that – it doesn’t even disturb how the forest looks!

And the best part is that it’s completely sustainable. It has a special toilet that burns human waste – which can then be used as manure for the trees!

So the next time you’re in Sweden, don’t miss the invisible hotel. Even if need to look twice to spot it!

2. The Hotel with the Best View

Image courtesy: Hotels.com

In Finland, there’s a hotel without a roof.

It’s called the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. And here Igloos aren’t made of ice, but of glass!

So once you’ve checked into your room and are taking that much-needed nap – your view is going to be out of this world.¬† The night sky filled with millions of stars or the dancing northern lights.

And thanks to the glass ceiling, you won’t even feel like you’re in a room. You’ll only see the sky and wilderness around you and be completely immersed in nature!

It’s an incredible place to get away from the world. You can stay here for about $500 a night. Not bad for a view like that!

3. The Wildest Hotel

Image Courtesy: The Safari Collection

Deep in the jungles of Kenya, there’s a place where you can have breakfast with Giraffes!

This crazy place is called Giraffe Manor and it’s literally a manor built in the year 1932. It was built for people who visited Kenya from all over the world, for the amazing safaris.

So when you’re here, you’re gonna go back to those days. You’ll feel like you’re in an old movie thanks to its elegant rooms, pretty courtyards, and wide terraces.

But the best part about this place is the herd of Giraffes that surround the property. You’ll see them poking their heads into the bedrooms and even the dining room – but be careful! Because they’re gonna try to sneak a bite off your plate!

The manor is fully giraffe-friendly with its tall windows that are perfect for their long necks to slide in.

Who wouldn’t want to stay there forever, right?

That’s why this is the perfect adventure for all of you who love animals and want to spend the entire day around them.

4. The Disappearing Hotel

Image Courtesy: Icehotel.com

In the icy wilderness of Sweden, you’ll find the disappearing hotel – and it is one of the most unique hotels you’ll ever see.

This hotel is made entirely of ICE – the doors, the tables, the chairs, and even the beds are are fully frozen. And it is rightly called the Ice Hotel.

You see in Sweden, winters can get really cold – so everything around you freezes over. Rivers and lakes turn into ice!

And this hotel uses all of that to its advantage.

Every winter, the architects of Ice Hotel, take huge blocks of ice from the Torne River that flows nearby. They carve through that ice, and build the entire structure of the hotel!

But because it’s only made of ice, summer isn’t the best month to visit. If you go here in the summer, you’ll see the entire structure melting back into the Torne River!

This is exactly what makes it unique. Because it’s built afresh every single year – no two buildings look the same. So even if you’ve visited it 10 years in a row, you’ll see a new design each year.

If you’d like to experience the Swedish winter in its truest form – there surely isn’t a better way to do it than this.

5. The Hotel Inside a Cave

Image Courtesy: Sextantio.it

Nobody likes caves. They’re cold, dark and creepy. But in Italy, there’s a place where caves are the exact opposite.

Welcome to Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita – one of the most unique hotels in Italy. This hotel has got everything – a spa, a bar, and even a Michelin Starred restaurant that’s just close by. You’ll see simple furniture and candle-lit bedrooms where you can relax and enjoy.

The best part is that it’s located in a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is completely surrounded by natural beauty. So even though you’re living in a cave – you’re going to have and great time and lots of things to do!

6. The Hotel under the Sea

Image Courtesy: Conrad Maldives

Welcome to the Muraka in the Maldives. It’s part of the Conrad Hotel¬† – and is probably one of the most unique hotel experiences in the world.

Because the Muraka isn’t like any other hotel or any other room. Sure, it’s got a living area, a kitchen, a swimming pool, and 2 bedrooms. But the master bedroom is hidden away –

-16ft below the ocean!

You need to go down a flight of stairs that’ll take you to the bottom of the ocean.

But that’s when things get crazy. You’ll feel like you’re in a glass bubble that’s floating in the ocean. And honestly, you’re not wrong.

The room has floor-to-ceiling “windows” in the bedroom and even in the washroom. So that you can see every single fish and turtle that passes by you!

But there’s a catch. This place is EXPENSIVE. Staying in this room for one night will cost you more than a car!

That’s right, one night in this room costs $10,000. So if you have that kind of money just lying around, get packing and head out to the Maldives!

7. The Bubble Hotel

Image Courtesy: Visitabudhabi.ae

In Abu Dhabi there’s a hotel that’s surrounded by mountains, is in the middle of nowhere, and has zero privacy!

Welcome to the Bubble Hotel. As you’ve probably guessed – this hotel room is shaped like a bubble. During the day, its transparent dome lets you have the most incredible views of the mountains all around. And at night, you get an uninterrupted view of the night sky which means you can stargaze until sunrise!

It’s the perfect place to visit if you want to escape the city, as long as you’re fine living inside a see-through bubble!

So the next time you go on a trip – don’t just go to the same old spots as everyone else does! Do something crazy.

Go paragliding, eat something you’ve never tried, or stay in one of these unique hotels. You might just realize that buildings are overrated and you’re better off in a palace of ice – just like Elsa!

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