What is the easiest language in the world?

Is it Arabic? Is it French? or could it be Mandarin?

Knowing languages is like a superpower, that can help you land a new job or travel without getting scammed by locals.

Now the question is: which language can you learn fast?

If you’re an English speaker – which you probably are if you’re reading these lines – here are the top 5 languages you can learn in less than a year:

1. Norwegian

That’s right, Norwegian. Because the thing is, Norwegian is very close to English. They’re both Germanic Languages. Which means that both languages share the same roots, and also share many of the same words.

For example: “Katt” means cat, “sommer” means summer, and “plante” means plant. And that’s just to name just a few!

But that’s not all. The thing that makes Norwegian super attractive to English speakers is the sentence structure. Which again is pretty much identical to English.

That’s why for example “Kan du hjelpe meg?” sounds just like its translation “Can you help me?”. Pretty cool, right?

That’s why you can learn this language in about 6 months!

2. Swedish

Swedish like English and Norwegian is another Germanic language. And even though it might sound complicated when you first hear it – it’s actually quite simple, because it shares quite a few words with English.

Like “minute” for minute and “familij” for family. Even the sentences follow the same structure as English –

For example, “ge mig en dollar for boken” sounds exactly like its translation “give me a dollar for the book”.

Another plus with Swedish is that your brain is already exposed to the language whenever you see it in IKEA. That’s why you won’t be disoriented when you’re trying to learn the words because you’ve already seen them!

3. Spanish

With over 580 million people around the world who speak the language – Spanish is easily the most popular language on this list. But it’s also one of the easiest languages to learn.

Spanish is called a Romance Language (languages that get their roots from Latin). And that’s great for all of you English speakers because English has a lot of Latin words too. That’s why Spanish sounds so familiar –

For example “Accion” for Action.

“Exacto” for Exact.

and “Perfecto” for “Perfect”

But there’s one thing that makes Spanish even better than English – it’s a phonetic language. So words are pronounced exactly as they’re written. So there are no yachts and troughs in Spanish.

Although it’s a little tougher than Germanic languages because of the different tenses and grammar rules – it’s still much easier than many languages around the world.

4. Korean

Korean is probably one of the hardest languages to learn to speak, but funnily enough, it’s actually the easiest language to write!

You see for the longest time people in Korea used the Chinese characters as their official language. But the problem is that it has over 50,000 words and it will take you years to master all of them. That’s why people in Korea didn’t bother to learn it.

And one day, one king decided to just change it entirely. And now Korean is made of an alphabet which letters look like the shape of your mouth and throat when you’re saying it!

If only English was like this, right?

There’s also no “He is” “She is” or “They are” – it’s all “it is”.

And instead of 28 letters, there are only 24!

So even if you don’t understand a word of what people are saying around you – you can still read the signs on the streets to get to your hotel!

5. Pidgin

This language was created because English was just too hard!

And it brought together so many people from so many different cultures and countries.

It even ended wars.

For example, in Papua New Guinea, where there are over 800 unique tribes and 800 unique languages, people used to fight all the time. Because that’s what people do when they don’t understand each other.

So to end the wars, they decided to adopt one unique language called Pidgin. It’s a much simpler version of English, that doesn’t have long words, complicated grammar or crazy sentences. In Pidgin – Coffee is “Kofi”, Library is “Buk Haus” and University is “Bik Skul”!

This is how the 800 tribes of Papua New Guinea finally came together and built a peaceful country!

So if English seems too challenging, try to learn Pidgin. It’ll probably help you communicate much better than English ever will!

Bonus : Esperanto

This is the easiest language in the world that you can learn in just a week!

Esperanto was invented just 135 years ago by an eye doctor called L.L. Zamenhof. He noticed that people all around him were being treated differently based on the language they spoke. And that people couldn’t really understand each other because there were way too many languages.

So instead of sitting around and complaining, he got to work. He created a language that literally anybody could learn. This language was not linked to any country or any culture, everyone was welcome to learn it!

You could be Indian, Arab, Russian or even Japanese and still learn Esperanto. The goal of this language was to be universal. So that a person from a small village in India could speak to someone from a huge city in China!

Still, it’s not as popular as it should be. But if you look around carefully you’ll certainly stumble into someone who speaks this amazing language!

Learning a new language isn’t just about speaking the words, it’s about understanding every country’s culture and values.

Of course, it’s nice to have a unique language, but it’s even nicer to be able to talk to anybody in the world. That’s why if we could all speak the same language, whether it’s English, Swedish, Esperanto or even Spanish, it could bring the whole world closer together. And who knows, maybe we would stop arguing all the time.

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