What does it take to be a genius kid?
Do you need to be related to a genius? Do you need to go to the best schools? Or maybe you need to eat a lot of almonds?
Of course having a big IQ helps, but that’s not enough. Genius kids have something more : they look at old problems with a fresh eye.
That’s how a kid invented the calculator at 18, another one created braille at 15 and another one came up with trampolines at 16.
Today let’s talk about some more incredible kids from all over the world who’ve done crazy things and changed the world.

1. The Kid Who Started a Bank

This kid started a bank at just 12 years old!
Meet José from Peru. When José was in the 2nd grade, he saw that most of the kids around him were skipping meals. He was super confused until he realized that they couldn’t eat because they’d spent all their money on candy and playing cards.
So José decided to start a bank for these kids – so that they could save their money!
It became the first bank in the world to be started by a kid! It got so popular that he got 3,000 customers, saved $50,000, and even hired 8 full-time employees.
But that’s not all – he also created a system for kids to make money from collecting trash! That’s right – kids could collect plastic; give them to the bank and get money in return!
José is a genius kid who built a bank that not only saves money but also helps the environment and the kids of Peru are better off because of it.

2. The Iron Kid of Morocco

This 12-year-old kid builds robots in his bedroom!
Meet Bilal. He’s a poor kid from a poor neighborhood in Morocco and he wants to be the next Elon Musk.
Bilal loves robots ever since his dad brought him a new toy car home. He loved it so much that he started browsing the internet to learn mechanics, engineering, and even physics to build his own robots. At 12.
That’s how he created –  a robot hand, a dustbin that opens without even touching it, and a mask that automatically goes up when it senses someone approaching!
Everything to make people’s lives easier during these crazy times.

3. The Kid Who Speaks 12 Languages

In Cambodia, there’s a kid who learnt how to speak Russian, Korean, and even Spanish, all by himself!
Meet Salik. Salik was born into a very poor family. They struggled to make ends meet. It was a challenge to even put dinner on the table.
That’s why when he got a little older – Salik took matters into his own hands. Every day he would go to popular tourist spots in Cambodia to sell souvenirs to tourists. He realized that he could make enough money to help his family this way, but he also realized something else – he was really good at languages.
Every day he would ask tourists to teach him a new word in their language and soon enough he became fluent in almost 12 languages! He didn’t learn these languages to show off. In fact, he learned them to help his family – because tourists loved it when he spoke in their language, so he was able to sell them more stuff!
The entire world came to know about him when a tourist posted his video on Facebook. He got so popular that he and his family got to visit China and Salik got a scholarship to study there!
This genius kid worked super hard to learn 12 languages so that he could feed his family and now he’s reaping the rewards!

4. The Teddy Bear Kid

Meet Campbell, the 14-year-old who made over 1,400 teddy bears!
You see Campbell wanted to help people around the world. But he knew that he was just a kid who had no job and no money. All he had was a sewing machine that belonged to his mum.
So he had an idea. He asked his mum to teach him how to use the sewing machine – so that he could make teddy bears and send them to anyone in the world that needs a cuddle!
He ended up making 1,400 of them and sent them to thousands of people around the world.
This genius kid learned an entirely new skill just to put a smile on people’s faces – and that’s no small feat!

5. The Picasso of the Philippines

This genius kid won 6 international painting competitions in 1 year!
Meet Worth – this 8-year-old is the most talented child painter in all of the Philippines.
When Worth was just 4 years old, he was bullied a lot in school. That’s why he spent a lot of time at home, painting. He got so good that by the age of 7 he skipped 2 grades in school and became a master painter.
He is an inspiration for kids all around the globe, to ignore the bullies and just focus on their passion!

6. The Kid who fights Ebola

This 13 year old genius made a self-cleaning suit!
Meet Mark Lechinsky. A few years ago Mark saw the horrific effect of the Ebola Virus outbreak around the world.
But he noticed something weird. Even though doctors and nurses were wearing hazmat suits – so many of them were getting infected. He realized that it was because the suits were contaminated, and while taking them off, the virus was getting into their bodies.
So he wanted to help!
He made a suit that would protect health workers. This suit has pockets of the disinfectant solution – which is released with a press of a button. It trickles down to the rest of the suit and sanitizes it so it’s safe to take off. This suit could save thousands of lives around the world.

7. Gitanjali, changing the world one app at a time

At just 14 years old – Gitanjali is a published author who has invented the machine that can detect lead in water and an app that protects kids from cyberbullying!
In 2014 when Gitanjali heard about the Flint Water crisis and saw that thousands of kids were falling sick because of lead poisoning through water, she knew that she had to do something about it.
That’s how she came up with Tethys – a lead detector that is a lot faster and cheaper than current technologies to detect lead.
She also noticed that was a very scary trend in her home state of Colorado – suicides. And when she looked into it, she saw that the main reason was cyber-bullying. She didn’t want anyone else to be driven to suicide because people were being mean to them on the internet. That’s why she created Kindly.
It’s an app that works by using artificial intelligence to understand the words you type. If they are rude or mean, the app will ask you if you’re sure you want to send out the message as is or if you’d like to change it to something nicer.
And it’s thanks to these amazing inventions, that this genius kid was named Time Magazine’s Kid of the Year!

Being a genius should be about helping people…

Every kid that you saw above, created something to solve their own – or other people’s –  problems. That’s why there’s so much you can learn from them. Because
while many adults are busy chasing money and fame, it’s good to know some kids are busy changing the world.

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