What amazing animals can you own?
Crocodiles, Tigers, Bats, Tarantulas – you’re used to seeing these animals in Indiana Jones movies. But what if I told you, you could also find them in your friend’s house? Or maybe even your own house. As pets.
That’s right. So dogs and cats make way, because these crazy pets are coming for you!
Today you’ll meet 7 people from around the world who’ve got the craziest pets:

1. He has a Crocodile

…Yes, a crocodile
A living breathing pet crocodile.
Meet Sherif, he lives in Egypt and he’s got over 14 kinds of animals – deer, goats, a horse, chameleons, a hedgehog, a lizard, a monkey and even an eagle!
Sherif loves animals and even though it’s a huge challenge to manage each animal’s diet and where they live – he does it because he cannot imagine his life without them!
This guy is a true example of someone who’d do anything for their pets!
But Sherif isn’t the only one who likes big water lizards. This next person has one too.

2. The Alligator that Behaves like a Dog

Meet Wally.
Wally loves to sit on a couch, get kisses and cuddles. But be careful cause even though he sounds like one, Wally’s not a dog  He’s actually an alligator!
Alligators are known to be extremely defensive of their territory and prefer to be alone – but Wally is the exact opposite.
He loves people and company – which is how he became the world’s first Emotional Support Reptile. He helps sad people deal with their emotions. And when they hold him – they feel better!
That’s actually how his owner Joie discovered his gifts.
Joie always had a lot of pets. But when he lost his family, Wally was the one who was always around him when he was sad. This amazing animal would comfort him, even if he was just taking a nap. So that when he woke up he would find Wally on top of him!
Wally helped Joie turn his life around, so now he travels with Wally to help anyone who’s feeling low or depressed just so they can get a hug from Wally!
But that’s not the last reptile in this list, meet –

3. The Lizard that doesn’t Talk

This lizard doesn’t say a word, travels on top of his owner’s head and loves destroying people’s clothes, and he’s called Boss.
His owner is a grandpa called Uncle Yeung who adopted it from a shop because he was really old and really lonely. So he bought this lizard as a companion in his old age.
But Boss and uncle Yeung’s relationship actually had a rocky start – Boss would randomly jump on people, destroy their clothes, and never listen to anyone. But over the past 12 years that Uncle Yeung has had him, this amazing animal has calmed down a lot. He is now quite happy just sitting on Uncle Yeung’s head for hours!
The next pet however can’t sit on anybody’s head – because you’ll only find it deep inside the ocean…

4. He’s got a Coral

Most kids want fishes and other want plants. Well, this kid wanted it all, all at once.
So he got coral.
That’s right, this kid loved the colorful things you see at the bottom of the ocean and asked his parents to buy him a tank so he could grow his own coral.
But the thing is coral is extremely difficult to care for. They’re amazing animals that are extremely sensitive to temperature and light. So in the beginning, when George had no idea what he was doing – his coral died every time he grew it.
But he finally got the hang of it. And because so few people in the world grow coral, he realized that it could make him a lot of money! A small piece of coral, as big as the eraser behind a pencil, is easily worth thousands.

5. The Real Batman

In a small village in Seychelles, there’s a real-life Batman. Richard doesn’t drive a bat mobile, he doesn’t fight bad guys and he doesn’t fly around, so how exactly did he become Batman?
You see 23 years ago, Richard got into a work accident, because of which he couldn’t walk and couldn’t leave his chair. And one day as he was sitting in his garden he spotted an abandoned baby bat in a tree.
So he took it in and started taking care of it. He got so fond of it, that he even learned how to communicate with this amazing animal by making small clicking sounds. And now they’re best friends!

6. The Lion King

In Sudan, there’s a guy who’s got lions in his farm. And it’s not just 1 or 2 lions, he’s actually got 11 of them!
You see a few years back Osman visited a Wildlife park and what he saw there, horrified him. All the lions were severely malnourished and couldn’t even stand let alone walk.
That’s when Osman decided that he would have to do something really quick if they were to have any chance of survival.
So he called the government, offered his own money, and even offered to buy food for the lions. But he was turned down every time because he didn’t have the right permissions.
But he didn’t give up. He took photos of these amazing animals and posted them online. And the response he got was crazy! People from all over the world, donated thousands of dollars so that he could save the animals.
With that money, Osman not only fed the lions but also opened his own shelter for all kinds of amazing animals that need his help!

7. The Hyena Man

This guy has hyenas in his house.
In Ethiopia, you’ll find the Hyena Whisperer and his name is Abbas.  He feeds wild hyenas – just how you would feed your dog. But it wasn’t always like that.
You see for years and years in Abbas’s village – Hyenas and humans never got along. Because Hyenas kept attacking people and their livestock. And humans attacked them back.
This went on for years until Abbas’s father came up with a better idea – he distracted the hyenas with food so that they would leave the village goats and sheep alone. He taught this technique to his son too and now Abbas fearlessly feeds these amazing animals by putting meat on a tiny stick he holds between his teeth and invites them to take a bite from his mouth!
He isn’t scared of them at all – and they aren’t scared of him either!

If you’re tired of cats and dogs…

You don’t need to stick to them as pets! If people can have alligators and lions as pets – what’s stopping you from getting a crazy pet?

You just need to make sure that you’ve got enough room, because unlike your snuggly dog – most lions wouldn’t fit in a queen-sized bed!

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