He is the God of Sight.

Wow! This video almost made us cry! It's so beautiful.We are so lucky to have worked with Dr Sanduk Ruit : Curing blindness in the developing countries. on this. He inspires me more than ever - and I hope he inspires you.Please, connect to his cause and maybe consider sharing it or donating to it. Whatever you do, at the end of the day, no one deserves to live in darkness because they can't afford treatment.

Posted by Nas Daily on Friday, January 17, 2020

We had the honour and privilege of meeting Dr Sanduk Ruit back in December last year. The minute he walked into our office, his calm demeanor drew us. Standing next to one of the most extraordinary doctors in the world was very humbling. It’s something no words can truly capture — and honestly, we were all left a little speechless. 

Dr Ruit shared with us his stories, his trials and tribulations and his principles in life. There was a particular sentence that really resonated with us: ”I want to do this, because I’m privileged.” His story is an incredible one and as a human being, he has moved mountains to successfully impact real change in the world. 

Dr Ruit’s purpose to help the needy came from personal tragedies. He lost his sister to tuberculosis when he was 19. That heart-wrenching loss coupled with losing two other siblings spurred him to become a doctor. It became a mission in his life to be a doctor for the poor and make a significant difference in their lives.

4 out of 5 people who are blind, don’t have to be. And Dr Ruit was willing to change that statistic.

Dr Sanduk Ruit's life-changing journey

Dr Sanduk Ruit, Nepal

In poorer parts of the world, treatment for cataracts is difficult and expensive. But Dr Sanduk Ruit knew these parts of the world well. And this is why he wanted to help the blind see again. 

He developed a low-cost microsurgery technique which costs just $25 per person. He and his team worked really hard to make the price affordable. And together, they reduced the cost of the lens to less than $3. 

Dr Ruit set up mobile clinics so that he can conduct these surgeries at Nepal’s remote villages. These were often in the form of tents, classrooms, and even animal stables to serve as temporary operating rooms. He travelled on horseback, rode on top of buses and waded across rivers just to reach these isolated villagers, all because he had the sheer willpower to enact change.

He leaves footprints around the world

After perfecting his technique, Dr Sanduk Ruit continued to spread his mission. He went to China, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Ethiopia and even North Korea. He even conducted surgical workshops with the North Korean eye surgeons. Dr Ruit has trained nearly 650 doctors from all over the world, and he works 13 hours a day to continue curing blindness.

Dr Sanduk Ruit, Nepal

Two of our team members, Ashraf and Julian had the golden chance to watch “The Barefoot Surgeon” in action. Indeed, they witnessed this masterful surgeon performing the cataract surgery ever so calmly. They watched the priceless reactions of the patients who were there to remove their bandages. And they were present as they saw people’s lives literally take a paradigm shift for the better.

Dr Sanduk Ruit, Nepal

Currently, Dr Ruit helms the Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology and he is also the co-founder of the Himalayan Cataract Project. In recognition of his stellar work and contributions, Dr Ruit is also the recipient of numerous international awards such as the Padma Shri, the Ramon Magsaysay, an Order of Australia and a National Order of Merit of Bhutan.

That’s not all — there are two books which encapsulate his astounding journey in curing preventable blindness. Dr Sanduk Ruit has indeed left a monumental imprint in the world and he shows no signs of stopping.

Moments of magic

Dr Sanduk Ruit, Nepal

Dr Ruit’s most rewarding moment? Everytime the bandages of a patient are removed, they beam with overwhelming joy. Their ecstatic smiles, squeals of delight and happy tears evidently show how life-changing this process was for them. 

These patients were blind yesterday but after this eye-opening experience, they’ll gain the hopes of today and make the best of their tomorrows. They will live life through fresh lens. They will do the things they love passionately. And they will be able to look at their loved ones and notice their priceless expressions. It’s as if they’re experiencing life right from Day 1. 

For his technical innovation, for his constant work in training other surgeons, for establishing eye care services in Nepal and other developing countries, and for his service to humanity, Dr Ruit’s story will always have a special place in our hearts. His selflessness and compassion really touched us, and moved us. In a world where we can use more kindness, more positivity and more hope, Dr Ruit perfectly exemplifies that not all hope is lost.

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