What are your favorite hobbies?

Some people like to read, some like to knit and others like to play the guitar…

After a crazy week at work – doing what you love, i.e. your hobby, helps you turn off your brain to relax.

But what if I told you, that some hobbies don’t turn off your brain. In fact, they can make your brain super strong. That’s right, research shows that some hobbies can actually increase your IQ by almost 10%!

Here’s a list of the top 5 hobbies that you should start today:

1. Learning to play the guitar

Learning to play a musical instrument literally changes the design of your brain.

You see when you’re learning to play the guitar, you’re literally using ALL of your brain. There’s one part that’s learning how the note sounds, another part that’s trying to link it to the note on the paper and another one that’s controlling your fingers so you can actually produce the note!

And the best part is, that this hobby doesn’t just benefit kids. In face even people above the age of 65, showed positive changes in their brain after just 4-5 months of learning an instrument.

You’ll have better memory, you’ll learn languages quicker, and be able to manage your stress better!

So dust off that guitar and start learning how to play it!

2. Knitting

Knitting can increase your IQ by about 9.78%!

Just how learning a new music instrument uses your entire brain at once – knitting does too.

Science shows that it activates your frontal lobe (that makes you attentive), your parietal lobe (that takes care of your hand movements) your occipital lobe (that processes visual information) and your temporal lobe (which deals with memories).

So it’s literally a brain workout. That’s why people who knit actually tend to be smarter than those who don’t!

Who knew that a hobby we associate with old people – could actually make you a genius!

3. Hitting the Gym

Working out increases your IQ by 7.37%!

Aerobic exercises like jogging boost blood supply all around your body. So when this oxygenated blood reaches the brain, it energizes your brain to think.

That’s why you feel so energized to start your day after an intense workout. So it’s one of those hobbies that not only keeps you fit physically but also mentally.

In fact, research shows that kids who walk to school tend to be smarter and get better scores than those who are dropped off in cars!

So maybe it’s time to get off that couch and follow through on your new year’s resolution of going to the gym everyday!

4. Reading

No surprises here. Reading increases your IQ by 7.07%!

When you’re reading a book – fiction or non-fiction – your brain is continuously processing information that’s coming in through your eyes. This means that your occipital lobe is working in overdrive. Your brain is also actively visualizing everything you’re reading.

Actually, reading can even help you make better decisions because it develops your occipital lobe which is responsible for decision-making!

So it keeps your brain active and busy – making it smarter.

If you ever feel like you’re mentally exhausted – open a book a read a few lines; you might just get the inspiration you need!

5. Learning a new language

Learning a new language increases your IQ by 5.88%.

Because when you’re learning a new language, you’re using the pre-frontal cortex of your brain. What this means in English, is that you’re using a part of your brain that controls planning, decision-making, memory, and language comprehension and making it stronger.

That’s how learning a new language doesn’t just make you fluent in another tongue but also improves your intelligence!

You don’t need to spend years learning super hard languages like Mandarin or German (you’re welcome to try if you’ve got the patience!). You can always pick an easy one that you can master in less than a year!

Get a hobby already!

So instead of spending all your free time watching (and rewatching) Friends on Netflix, maybe it’s time to pick up a book, a language or a guitar – trust us, your brain will thank you for it!

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