What is self-confidence?

Is it something you’re born with? Does it grow over time? Is there a gym workout for confidence? And do motivational videos and self-help books help?

Humans doubt themselves all the time, our brain is hardwired to do it cause it helped evolve and survive over the years!

But the good news is that according to science, you can actually rewire it. And here are 7 ways to do exactly that:

1. Practice makes confidence

Research shows that the more you know, the more confident you are in front of others.

Imagine you want to play the guitar. On day 1, you’d have zero confidence. If people asked you to perform, you would get embarrassed.

But if you practice every day, you get better. And your fear of failing in front of the whole world decreases.

That’s why experts say that the first step to gaining confidence is practice – it can be for a presentation, a singing contest, or even an interview!

Just pick a field, and get good at it.

It’s simple : if you know you’re good at something, you’re not afraid to do it.

But that’s not enough if you wanna conquer your fear of the stage.

2. Imagine that you already are a superstar

The human brain doesn’t know the difference between thinking about something and actually doing it.

That’s why you never feel like going on a 10km run because your brain is already tired even thinking about it!

On the flip side, if you’re imagining yourself to be a superstar who can run 20kms – you’ll literally trick your brain into believing just that!

And the more you keep thinking that you’re a superstar – a charming, popular, fearless one at that – the more confident you’ll become! And one day you might not even need to trick your brain because you’ll have really become a star.

3. Tell yourself that you’re awesome

Your brain believes everything you tell yourself!

Imagine you have a dance performance. If you tell your brain that you’re never going to remember all the steps, and will surely forget the first 2, you most certainly will.

On the other hand if you say “I’m gonna kill it on stage”, your brain will believe you and you’ll be super confident stepping in front of that audience.

In fact, researchers have done brain scans that show a boost in self-confidence because of positive self-talk!

But this is all about the brain – what are you supposed to do with your hands when you’re standing in front of all those people?!

4. Put your hands on your waist

Just like Wonder Woman.

Power poses like this build crazy self-confidence because they release just the right chemicals in your body.

Research shows that confidence is all about increased testosterone and decreased cortisol – which is exactly what happens when you strike this pose and hold it for a few minutes!

Crazy right!

5. Force yourself to smile…literally.

Just smiling can actually make you happy.

When you smile, the muscles in your face tell your brain to release happy hormones – that’s why smiling is an instant mood booster.

And when you’re happy, you’re going to be a lot more open and confident. This is probably the easiest way to build self-confidence.

6. Don’t forget your perfume

Smells affect your mood.

Science shows that if you smell something that reminds you of a good time, you’ll instantly be in a positive mood.

For example: If you were wearing a specific perfume the day you met your boyfriend, the next time you smell it, you’ll instantly be taken back to that memory and feel happy.

That’s why you need to find a scent that boosts your mood so that you feel super confident and bring your A game to that date!

7. Take a shower and dress well

You’ve probably heard that when you look good, you feel good.

Science backs this up. When you’ve dressed up well – especially in something like a suit or a professional outfit, your confidence goes up.

This is because you know you look good, so your opinion of yourself is positive. And the truth is, it doesn’t have to be a suit, it can even be ripped jeans and a top – as long as it’s something you believe you look amazing in!

So the next time you have an interview – even if it’s on zoom and you’re tempted to attend in your PJs – try changing into something you feel awesome in. It’ll do wonders to build your self-confidence!

Anyone can be confident – 

– You just need to practice these hacks to build it. It’s probably going to take a lot of time, but don’t give up.

Keep going until you’ve built enough self-confidence to walk up to that stage and give that TedTalk. For now it’s only in your bedroom, but give it a few years, you’ll be surprised.

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