There’s a lot of ways to make money. You could be a doctor, an engineer, or even a businessman.

But what if I told you that you could make money without spending a penny on a degree, and without working a boring job for years but by simply doing things you do anyway.

Things like waiting, growing a moustache, being a dad and even smiling.

Here are 5 people who have found a way to make money by doing the simplest things.

1. The Professional Line Sitter

Robert Samuel from New York is a guy who has a lot of time and a lot of patience.

One day he saw a long line of people, waiting to buy the latest iPhone. And he saw an opportunity.

He had just been laid off from his job as a phone salesman so he had nothing to do.

Robert offered to stand in line for one of them. And somehow that someone gave him $350.

So the next day instead of going out to look for a job, he went out to look for a line. He found hundreds of them all around New York, with hundreds of frustrated people in them.

© 2020 Same Ole Line Dudes
He saw people standing in lines, trying to get shoes, cakes, reservations at restaurants and even to get their passports from government offices. Robert decided to help them all.

Soon his service became so popular, that he had to find more line-sitters to share the load.

He hired students, war veterans, housewives, and even grandmas. If you could stand and be patient, the job was yours!
Now, he has the first-ever “waiting-in-line company” in the world with over 50 professional line-sitters.
For the past 8 years, Robert and his employees have been getting anything from PlayStations 5 to Broadway show tickets to Cronut pastries for New Yorkers.
These guys can bring you whatever you want…no matter how long the line is!
© 2020 Same Ole Line Dudes

What you can learn from Robert: Every problem is a business opportunity

You don’t need to invent new technology to make money; you simply need to find a problem, no matter how small and offer a solution!

2. The Professional Dad

Jordan Watson from New Zealand was an ordinary dad with an ordinary family, an ordinary house, and an ordinary job. But the one thing that was unique about him was his sense of humor.
So when one day he heard that his friend was about to be a dad like him – Jordan decided to make him a funny How-to video to teach him how to hold a baby.
He posted it on Facebook, and his friend absolutely loved it. Actually, so did millions of others.
Jordan was viral.
People loved his humor, fathers all over the world could relate to his experience.
So he thought, what if he kept making videos?
He started posting them regularly on his page “How to Dad”. He collected millions of followers across social media. And he even started making money from it!
Jordan enjoyed it so much that he eventually decided to quit his job. Now he makes a living just from being a father and in 2016, he even published his very own “How to Dad” book.
For many dads out there, making money comes at the cost of spending time with their kids. Here’s a dad who managed to crack the code and be amazing at both.

What you can learn from Jordan’s story: You can be great at 2 things at a time


There are many comedians and there are many dads. But there aren’t many comedian dads.

Jordan combined both his skills – being a dad and being funny. That’s what made him the internet sensation that he is.

What are the 2 things you’re great? How can you blend them together?


3. World’s Best Beard


More than 50% of men in the world have facial hair.
But 0% of them are making money out of it.
Actually not 0, because this guy did.
Meet MJ Johnson. His beard is 18 inches long. But it’s not there because he was too lazy to shave it. This beard is his job!
It all started when MJ came across a photo from “The World’s Best Beard Competition”. He found the idea so different, so crazy and so interesting that he was immediately obsessed with the idea of winning that competition!
There was only one problem: he didn’t have a beard.
But that didn’t stop him.
MJ spent years growing a gigantic beard and making it beautiful. People couldn’t understand what the heck he was doing. They thought he was crazy. They would mock him on the streets. Even his own family looked down on him. To be honest, looking at his old photos, who could really blame them?
But MJ didn’t give up. Not even after losing the competition 3 years in a row.
Finally after 4 years, he showed up with this beard. And won.
Since that day, MJ started making money from his beard. And he’s become world-famous thanks to it.
His beard is so famous that it’s everywhere – from beard products in the US, to truck ads in Europe, to even newspapers XXXX in Asia.
Thanks to his beard, he’s traveled the world and is now officially the Director of the Beard Growing Association.

What you can learn from MJ’s story: Your weirdest hobby can make you rich

If you wanna be rich, you have to be extremely good at something. What nobody tells you is that this something can be growing a beard.


4. Real-life Tarzan

Jason lives in the heart of a jungle in Hong Kong.
He has an amazing home that he built from plastic bottles, scrap wood, and other stuff he found thrown on the beach. He eats food that he grows himself in his own garden. It’s fresh, it’s cheap, it’s organic.
He doesn’t really need to make money. That’s why he spends all his time doing the things he loves: making music, dancing, climbing trees, and swimming in the ocean.
That – and the fact that he didn’t cut his hair for 24 years – makes him “The Real-Life Tarzan.”
Jason real life Tarzan


Over the years, the rumor about this Tarzan from Hong Kong got around. Eventually, it even reached the ears of The Walt Disney Company. They were so impressed with Jason’s uniqueness that they decided to offer him a part in the live Tarzan show.

Now, Jason isn’t just dancing and making music in his remote kingdom; he also makes a living doing it. This time, on the biggest theater stages in the world.

You can read more about why he left his old life for the jungle right here.



What you can learn from Jason’s story: Being extremely unique can land you a job


When you have a skill that nobody else in the world has – you’re going to stand out. So don’t shy away from being weird, because who knows it could actually get you hired at Disney!


5. His Job is to Smile

As the old saying goes, “A smile can open many doors.” That guy’s smile opened thousands of hearts.
Allen Dixon is a traveler from Ireland who decided to quit his job and go on a long trip all around the world. He didn’t have much money, but he did have a huge smile.
So he packed his bags, and set out to explore the world!
One day, when he was exploring the countryside of Australia, he found a small animal called the Quokka. He noticed that the Quokka wasn’t even scared of him, even though he was standing right next to it. So he decided to take a selfie with it. And he did it just at the right moment!
© Allen Dixon (@daxon)


This photo of them smiling together turned out to be so cute that it made the internet go wild! And that’s how Allen found his new job – smiling!
He kept taking selfies with rare and interesting animals all around the world. And his social media accounts blew up because of it.
Soon he grew from a small travel influencer to a TV presenter and an animal rights activist. And by doing this he’s on his way to achieving his goal of making all the animals in the world smile.

What you can learn from Allen’s story: You don’t need a

business plan to start.

A selfie with a Quokka isn’t something you’d expect to make money from. But like Allen, if you love what you do and keep going at it, you will eventually find a way to make millions out of it!

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