Traveling to another country is the best way to make the most of your holiday – right?

Sitting on a sunny beach, while sipping your margarita and getting a beautiful tan – who wouldn’t want that?

But did you know that there are so many people who think of travel as an unnecessary expense, especially if it isn’t a business trip? This is probably why 38% of Americans don’t even have passports in the first place!

But the truth is that traveling actually has some crazy benefits – both for your body and your mind. Science shows that people who travel are actually much healthier than those who don’t.

So here are the 5 major benefits of traveling and 5 reasons for you to book that flight as soon as the world is open again:

1. Traveling protects you from heart attacks

Traveling keeps your heart healthy.

You see when you travel, you’re relaxed and away from any stressors. That’s why it’s so great for your heart.

In fact, research shows that women who traveled less than once in 6 years were 8 times more likely to get heart disease than those who traveled twice a year!

That’s absolutely crazy – who knew that the best way to stay healthy was to actually have fun!

2. It helps relieve stress – 

– for months!

That’s right, traveling not only takes you away from everything that triggers your stress but also keeps you calm and relaxed when you’re back from your trip!

Research shows that people remained a lot more relaxed after their vacations – even when they were knee-deep into their work schedule.

So instead of pushing yourself to keep working when you’re clearly exhausted – take some time off!

3. Travel makes you more creative

Traveling opens you up to a world of experiences and cultures.

Research shows that if you’ve traveled or worked in another country – you’re going to be more creative than someone who hasn’t.

It’s because when you travel – you meet people who so many different backgrounds. To communicate with them, you’d need to see things from a different perspective. And this is what triggers your creativity!

4. It makes you happy

Sunbathing in the beaches of Bali or trekking up the mountains of Switzerland – even the thought of these experiences makes you happy, doesn’t it?

Research shows that even planning and thinking about a trip can do wonders for your mood. That’s why you’re so pumped even before you’ve booked your tickets!

So if you’re in a bad mood – just start looking for flights for next year (since we can’t really travel anywhere right now) and see if it works.

5. Saves your relationships

Traveling is just one of the many fun things you can do with your partner.

The more happy memories you have with each other – the easier it is to get through the tough times. Research shows that women who travel often are actually happier in their marriages than those who don’t.

So if you’re getting into too many silly fights – maybe it’s time for a little getaway!

You don’t have to travel somewhere fancy or crazy or unique.

The idea is just to get away from home and immerse yourself in another country and another culture. And maybe once the entire world is out of lockdown – you could get out of your house and really visit another country instead of daydreaming about it while watching the Discovery Channel!

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