Side hustles can change your life.
Imagine you didn’t have to struggle at the end of the month to go out for dinner with your friends?
That you had the money to buy a beautiful bracelet for your girlfriend anytime you want?
Does this sound impossible to you? That’s probably because – like 63% of Americans – you are living paycheck-to-paycheck from one single job.
And if there’s anything that Covid taught us is that you always always always need to have a Plan B! Another income stream, another side hustle.
And who knows, if you love it and put enough effort into your side hustle, you might just be able to quit that 9-5 to pursue it full time!

Here are 10 side hustle ideas to help you get there


1. Become a Blogger

For this side-hustle, all you need is Google, WordPress and a knack for writing.
Blogs are all about SEO, and if you’re able to get clicks and get people to come on your website, you’re a star.
You can make between $3-$25 per 1,000 page views from Ad revenue!
And it’s up to you to decide what you want to talk about. You can either create a blog about your favorite topic – whether it’s finance, home decor, fashion or self-help. Or you could check google trends, to see which topics are popular and then write about them!
Websites like Medium are another great way to make money from writing blogs. You can choose from a bunch of categories to find those you like and get to writing!

2. Create a Themed Instagram

When you hear Instagram, all you think about is beautiful people posting beautiful selfies.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to post a single selfie for this side hustle. All you need is an Instagram account and a theme.

For example, if you’re interested in pottery, you can search through the “pottery” hashtags on Instagram, sift through everything that’s there, ask for permission from creators to use the content that you find interesting, and post it on your account.

This way anyone looking specifically for Pottery on Instagram, will find everything they need on your page.

And if people are loving the content you post, you’ll eventually build a strong following and you can start charging brands to promote their products. You can make up to $200 per post if you’ve got about 50-80k followers on your page.

3. Become a Translator

Do you know more than one language?
Are you always the unofficial translator at work meetings because you’re the only one who speaks Mandarin? You might as well make money out of it.
To make money from the translation you’ll need to be fluent in at least 2 languages, and you’ll need to show proof that you can actually translate.
Most companies will require you to pass a translation test, but if you do well, this side-hustle can make you up to $30,000 in a year!

4. Sell Photos

Do you love taking pictures with your iPhone? Did you know that you could make a lot of money if you sold them?

That’s right, you can sell your photos and videos to websites like Shutterstock. If you look at the website even now, you’ll see that 4k videos go for up to $179. And the crazy part is, you don’t even need a fancy camera for that –  an iPhone can take 4k videos!

So once you’ve found a model to pose for you (you can do it yourself too!) you’re good to go! It’s never been easier to be a professional photographer.

5. Start a Youtube Channel

You can make Millions from Youtube.
All you need to do is find a niche – it can be yoga, dance, gardening or even nail polishing – as long as people want to watch your content!
Once you’ve found it, you can start making videos.
If you reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time on your channel in 12 months, you can start monetizing your videos and making ad revenue, which is about 0.18 cents per ad view and can add up to $5 for every thousand views!

6. Publish an Ebook

Have you been working on the perfect murder mystery plot in your downtime at work? You might as well type it out and publish it!

Yes, it’s that easy. All you need is a book and a cover, and you can upload it through Kindle Direct Publishing to sell it on the Amazon store within 24-48 hours!

You might not have the New York Times Bestseller on your hands, but even if you just sell a thousand ebooks at $1 each, you can make a thousand bucks! Worth a shot.

7. Create an online course

Great at gardening? Or maybe you’re great at studying for exams, or managing deadlines or editing photos…

You can literally have an online course for anything and everything on platforms like Skillshare, Udemy or Nas Academy. Where you can create a course, put up your lessons online and make money from every single person taking your classes.

The best part is that you don’t need to be an expert or have a degree in teaching. As long as you’re providing value and giving tips your students can use during everyday life, you’re good to go!

8. Learn about the Stock Market

This side hustle requires a lot of knowledge and expertise but once you do get there, it can steadily increase your income.

Websites like Etoro are great for first-time stock traders because you get the option to start with virtual cash.  It’s $100,000 of online money that you can use to practice buying and selling stocks before you put in real cash.

Even after you’ve practiced, you need to be careful. Because stocks can be quite unstable, so take it slow. Start by copying other successful investors to get an idea of what works. Because even though you can make a lot of money really fast on these websites you could also lose a lot of money just as fast.

If you work in a company, you can always check with them if there’s an option to invest in your company’s stocks through Employee shareholders programs to make your bets safer.

9. Teach English

If you speak English really well and you’re a grammar freak, this side hustle is for you.

All you need is a TEFL certification (that you can pass online) and you’re on your way. First-time teachers can earn up to $20-$40 per hour and salaries can go from $600 USD per month to as much as $4,000 USD.

Not bad for teaching a language you already know!

10. Become an Affiliate Marketer

All you need for that side hustle is an audience. If people follow you on Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter… You can do affiliate marketing.

How does it work? Companies approach you to promote their products and give you links that you can share with your audience. When someone clicks on it and makes a purchase, you get a cut of the income. So you make money just because you led someone to a purchase.

It needs zero investment and is good way to earn some extra bucks.

Be your own boss!

There’s no stigma against having a side hustle anymore. In fact it’s the best way to be financially stable and to prepare for uncertain times.
It also gives you a taste of what entrepreneurship is like. Who knows, maybe you’ll like it so much you’ll quit your job to become your own boss.

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